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For those who have moved to study in Uppsala, chances are you have changed a lot in the previous year, and your life may change a lot more if your time in Uppsala is coming to an end. Hence the need to reflect on what parts of your life are important, who you really want to keep in touch with, and what parts you will leave behind to make way for the next stage.

I wrote this poem in late 2004, the night before I got on the plane to begin my travels and leave New Zealand for my ‘Overseas Experience’. Uppsala is the first time I have stayed still for more than 6 months in all that time. If too much or too regular, change can be tiresome, but I think both change and stability are important for a meaningful life.

Time has to change

But; change is not constant

It is irregular, fast or slow

It jumps to a peak before falling

Like the pulse of a poor heart

Or the needle of a seismograph

Comfort forms in the lows of change

But; comfort is not happiness

Comfort depreciates and is not appreciated

Without reaching the peaks of change

Happy comfort must be earned

By crossing each and every peak

There is no better view of the past

Than that from the peak of change

This time is for reflection

An appreciation for what has been achieved

A compression of good friends made

And a chance to change for the future

There is an open view to the future

No lines have yet been drawn

Only one thing ahead is certain

Life will not stay level

Change is constantly upon us

But is far from constant

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