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Belgian fries!

May 1, 2011


Belgium. A tiny country in the middle of Europe with 9,5 million inhabitants or so. It is known for its complicated governmental structure and for recently having broken the world record for longest government formation period. On a brighter note, the country is also associated with chocolate, beer and waffles. One aspect of its culinary […]

Bodies for rent

April 2, 2010


Prostitution has always existed, but views on the subject have not been consistent throughout the ages. In the fifteenth century, prostitution was seen as a buffer against greater sins. In Florence an official body was created in 1403, the Onestà, in order to regulate prostitution. There are different theories as to why this body was […]

The Spanish Inquisition: an institution of terror?

March 1, 2010


The words Spanish Inquisition immediately evoke images of poor prisoners being chained and tortured in dark dungeons. This impression stems partly from movies that depict the Inquisition as a ruthless institution that caused unnecessary bloodshed. The dark representation of the Inquisition however has a long history, since its establishment in 1478 by Ferdinand of Aragon […]