Content requirements


Length: Try to keep below 1000 words. 500 better still. This is so people actually read them. Longer is welcome if it’s a serious essay, but don’t blather.

Title: Catchy and short title please.

Abstract: No more than 100 words for articles

Name and biography: If you have not written before, please write a short biography and let us edit it if your first language isn’t English. Then put this on your wordpress profile along with a picture (via gravatar).

References: At least one reference or link to another work. Written at the end of the document under a heading “References”. They can be numbered, with these numbers referred to in the text in square brackets, e.g. Thomas had a dog [2]. No formatted footnotes or endnotes.

Pictures: At least one JPG picture is needed.

When? In time for editing – at least one week before you want it out. We publish all the time, but usually each Sunday.


Upload: Upload to Youtube and embed into post and give us address to feature on front page.

Description: Write a few words describing it in the post.

Pic: One pic as before.

When? Same as articles.


Format: JPG. Upload gallery.

Description: Write a small sentence explaining them.

When? Same as articles.

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